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It is unlawful to dump, plow, or push snow onto or across from a private driveway which includes the right-away.

MN.Statues, Chapter 160.2715
Violation of this statue is a misdemeanor

​No drive-way marker sticks should be in way of road maintenance trucks.

 posted 12/13/2015



General History

Notice is hereby given to the qualified voters of Leaf Valley Township, County of Douglas, State of Minnesota, that the Annual Election of Town Officers and Annual Town Meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 8, 2016 at the Leaf Valley Hall.  In case of inclement weather, the meeting and election may be postponed until March 15, 2016.  The Election Poll Hours will be from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm, at which time the voters will elect:

                   ONE SUPERVISOR                     3 YEAR TERM
                   ONE CLERK                               2 YEAR TERM

The Annual Meeting will commence at 8:15 pm to conduct all necessary business prescribed by law.  The Annual Board of Canvass will meet after the close of the Annual Meeting to certify election results.

                                                           Pamela M Cuperus                                                                                                                          Leaf Valley Township 
posted 1/25/2016 


Douglas county, Minnesota

Leaf Valley Township is a township in Douglas County, Minnesota, United States. The population was 457 at the 2010 census.  According to the United States Census Bureau, the township has a total area of 36.2 mi²,33.4 mi² of it is land and 2.8 mi² of it is water. The total area is 92.27% land.
Leaf Valley Township was established and organized in 1867. The first meeting was held at the house of Willard B. Ellis on 14 December 1867. The name Leaf Valley refers to its location just south of the Leaf Hills, also called "Leaf Mountains", area just to the north of the township in Otter Tail County. The only town located in the township is Leaf Valley which formed at a cross road. The village boasted a town hall, post office, general store, feed mill, and a large co-op creamery along with a number of homes. No railroad came through the area in the vicinity of the town.